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WiLight Charger Box

The WiLight Charger Box is an easily concealable transmitter that allows your devices to charge through many surfaces.

A Wireless Technology

The box can charge any devices up to 5 cm of distance.

Various Surfaces

The box can charge devices through various surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminium...

Conceal it under a table

The product is designed to be under a table or any other surface in order to maintain the design of your room and increase workspace.

WiLight box allows devices to charge at 5 cm.

Many devices like laptops, cellphones, and tablets can be charged by WiLight Technology.

Multiple devices can charge at the same time.

Differents types of receivers.

WiLight Block Receiver

WiLight Block is a small fast removable receiver for cellphones and tablets.

Fast Charging

The block combines fast and easy charging at a distance.

Easy and quickly removable

The block is designed for publics spaces. It allows you to easily offer new charging services to your customers.

Micro-USB and Lightning

Available for Android and Apple devices.

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